Paul Hornschemeier’s “We Were Not Made For This World” comic adaptation


Panels from We Were Not Made For This World – by Paul Hornschemeier, in the anthology Project: Telstar, published by AdHouse books.


More big news!  I recently acquired the rights to adapt Paul Hornschemeier‘s comic We Were Not Made For This World for use in my three part film anthology The Robot Scriptures.  This news is very exciting as I have been a big fan of his work for a long time now.

We Were Not Made For This World centers on a lone robot in the future who has left his life at the factory in search of his creator in the desert lands outside his robot city.

Hornschemeiers story is to be part II (of three) of The Robot Scriptures.

It is a story about the transitional, the middle ground, the half way.  Yearning, longing, questioning, thinking, feeling.  It is about the gaining of knowledge outside human influence, striving to know why they (we) exist, where they (we) came from, what else is out there, exploration.  A yearning for knowledge of the unknown.  To make sense of it all.

And so I embark on the films creation.

I will be shooting the piece as a live-action short.  Tina Matthews, a wonderfully instinctive Costume Designer, will be working on the costume for the shoot, which will take place soon in the Great Sand Dunes National Park outside Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The film will be released towards the end of Summer 2014, after part III, The Long Slow Flight of the Ashbot, is released (parts I, II, and III are being released in reverse chronological order).

Paul Hornschemeier is an incredible Chicago-based cartoonist known for authoring Mother, Come Home, Let Us Be Perfectly Clear, The Three Paradoxes, All and Sundry and Forlorn Funnies.

He’s been nominated for the Harvey, Eisner, and Ignatz awards.

“An ascending star… [Hornschemeier] leaps into an elite group of current cartoonists — including Kyle Baker and Oak Park’s Chris Ware — whose versatility and verve push the art form into exciting new territory… Hornschemeier doesn’t simply push the panel edges of the comics medium; he designs entirely off the page, encouraging other creators to join him over the horizon.” – Chicago Tribune

For those of you interested in reading We Were Not Made For This World by Paul Hornschemeier – it is featured in the incredible comic anthology Project: Telstar, published by AdHouse books.  It is also in the award winning series Forlorn Funnies (#5).


2 Responses to Paul Hornschemeier’s “We Were Not Made For This World” comic adaptation

  1. Phil Hanson says:

    Looks pretty cool Colin! The artistic style of Hornschemeier’s comic reminded me of comics by Ryan Andrews that I’m a fan of. I thought you may like them. You can find them here:

    I’m sure you don’t need new ideas for projects, but just figured you might like to read them.

    Good luck on your projects!

    • On the contrary I am always looking for more ideas and stories ;)

      Wow – Ryan Andrews is great. His story Nothing is Forgotten is particularly wonderful ~ thanks for pointing him out, Phil!